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Employee Accountability for Phone Use On-Site and On-Shift

Our technology enables high-risk businesses to enforce their personal phone policies.

Thousands of preventable workplace accidents every year involve an employee distracted by a personal mobile device. 

In fact, the risk of an accident increases by 400% for the five seconds after an employee checks their phone.

WorkMode eliminates the root cause of many workplace injuries while ensuring your employees can always use their phone in an emergency.

Personal phone use is a significant productivity drain

The average employee spends 56 minutes a day on their phone on non-work activities. 

Everyone needs access to a phone for family emergencies. However, employees that use their phones excessively reduce their own output and burden their colleagues with picking up the slack.

WorkMode benefits both managers on deadlines and team members who are doing their fair share.

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WorkMode is there when you

can't be everywhere at once

Enforcing a company personal phone policy isn't as easy as enforcing other workplace rules. Safety managers can't be everywhere at once.

WorkMode helps business leaders, supervisors, and safety professionals by providing the actionable intelligence needed to address problematic individual or team phone distraction.

Build trust in the workplace with complete transparency

New technologies require new rules. WorkMode strikes the right balance between respecting employee privacy and ensuring a safe workplace for everyone.

Employers who choose WorkMode never see their employees' messages, apps, or any websites visited. The only information employees share with their employers is the amount of time on they spend on their phone when they are on-site and on-shift.

WorkMode is one of the best investments a business can make

Potential Benefits

Reduce workers' comp premiums

          Recover lost productive time

Avoid phone-related accident litigation

Save lives, save money

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