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Knowledge is power:

A safer, more productive team begins with WorkMode

See how much time each of your employees spends on their personal phone during the workday. 

upload teams, work locations, and shift schedules for enhanced precision

Access detailed analytics on personal phone use trends. Easily share progress reports with your colleagues.

Build trust with accountability:

Employees download the WorkMode mobile app

Employees must download the app for WorkMode to function. 

You can make WorkMode company policy, or start with a pilot group, for example:

  • New Hires

  • One shift

  • junior team members

Keep it simple:

A weekly email digest tells you what you need to know

A standard email - no need to learn any new software

Receive the information you need for a safer site:

  • Is personal phone usage going up or down on your site(s)?

  • Who are the biggest users? Which teams have a problem?

  • How do your teams compare with industry averages?

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