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Industry-Leading Employee Privacy Safeguards

Designed to provide 100% protection of employee privacy:

  • WorkMode measures minutes of phone screen time when an employee is at work and on shift

  • Employer can never see any content on an employee's phone (there is zero monitoring)

  • Employee can see all information that WorkMode shares with their employer, and can delete the app if they leave their job

Employees see all information that WorkMode shares with their employer 

Employees benefit from WorkMode too!

  • Fairness: Why should some employees be permitted to abuse the rules when others adhere to your workplace cell phone policy?

  • Privacy: WorkMode never allows an employer to see apps, content of messages, or anything on the phone

  • Builds trust: WorkMode makes it possible for your employees to keep their phones around for emergencies or occasional work-related tasks (like using a calculator)