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Eliminate Phone Distraction

in the Workplace

Employer web portal

Mobile app for employees

Employee and team phone use analytics

Weekly digest email

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WorkMode Employee Mobile App

Track employee phone time only when on-site and on-shift

WorkMode measures employee personal phone use when on-site and on-shift. The only information that the WorkMode app captures is the amount of time spent on the phone ("screen time") when the employee is within the employer geofence during a shift. No personal information like messages, apps, or websites visited is ever captured or shared.

The app's proprietary technology differentiates between personal phone use and work-related use of the phone.

Employees download the WorkMode mobile app one time to their personal phones. Configuration takes seconds -- all that's needed is a valid phone number. 

Weekly Phone Safety Digest

Get the actionable information you need to ensure a safer, more productive worksite

Safety professionals and business leaders are busy people. That's why WorkMode keeps it simple with a weekly email that gives you the critical site phone safety information you need.

The weekly email includes average use by team, comparisons with industry benchmarks, and targeted information on problematic individuals and groups. Also included are industry best practices for getting phone policy compliance fast.

The easy email format is perfect for forwarding to colleagues, owners, and senior leadership to demonstrate your dedication to continuous improvement, innovation, and industry-leading safety.

Employer Web Portal

Detailed analytics for dedicated safety professionals

Take a deep dive into your team's personal phone use on the job with WorkMode's web portal. Get instant access to group usage trends over time, individual employee history, and compare phone use patterns with your business performance measures. 

Identify employees who may have breached company policy by removing WorkMode or exceeding personal phone use limits. WorkMode's printable employee page provides a unique resource for coaching these team members.

Phone use is widely acknowledged as the #1 source of workplace distraction. Your senior leadership will appreciate your ability to quantify productive hours recovered alongside a safer site.

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